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Marina les berges

The Marina Les Berges officially opens in 2009 on one the most enchanting territory of the region . Since the place develops its services and perfects its facilities on the outskirts of Richelieu, its customers’ satisfaction grows as quickly as the enterprise does. Proud owner of this success, Serge Lapierre eventually offers more places available for boats to dock there. The place soon owns 85 places, known for their unparallelled cleanliness. Everything related to mechanical repairs, rentals and administration details takes place there. In order to give our customers an unequalled availability, all services are offered under one roof. The place also provides an impressive showroom for new and used boats, as well as engines!

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Marina le refuge

« Refuge » : a name meant for this site! In fact, the place is more tranquil and sets less than a kilometre next to the main marina. With 84 places, the marina le Refuge also offers access to its interior docks.

Since the place is a stone’s throw from the main marina, it provides the same services. For three years now, boaters and fishermen come to this superb place to dock. Over the years, the team has ensured its customers’ satisfaction by improving the specificities of the marina. The team responds to every request as fast as they can without neglecting the great quality standards they always provide.


Rent a dock
Ancre Vague


Warehousing and winterizing

Short and long-term dock rentals, including service

mechanic specialist workshop

A wide variety of boat parts



bathrooms, showers and public utility room

Picnic and Barbecue spaces


Unparallelled customer service

Clean spaces, everywhere and always

Important respect of others' goods



In 2009, Serge Lapierre sees a considerable opportunity on the site he first visits. Creating a convivial place for boaters, where they could enjoy the boat season at its best, became a dream which did come true within a short period of time.

Proud of his new acquisition, Serge promotes the place and gains the success that belongs. Not only is a beautiful view exposed on the spot, but the organization can also earn the reputation from the excellent service it deploys. We can often hear the clients say that “the staff is available, always ready to listen, and also very competent.”

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