Parts and Shops

A multitude of services is offered at the marina les Berges. Opening a shop was a decision inspired by the owner, in order to remain ready for any eventuality. Offering an impressive inventory of boat maintenance products, the shop rapidly became a place of reference for the clients. Ropes, oils, cleaning products, various maintenance accessories are only a few products offered on site. With well-defined sections and unparallelled service, boat owners and tenants always find their way out. The essentials for your activities can be found under the same roof and all supplies are selected according to important quality standards. […]


Since our 125 boat storage spaces fly very quickly, we like to let our customers know that they must reserve their place as soon as possible. With hydraulic trailers, we ensure that the safest steps and the best maneuvers are observed. The size of your boat is definitely not a challenge for our team! When your boat is stored in our warehouse, we make sure everything is in place for the best winterizing possible. A retractable film is installed (Shrink) to meet all the essential elements of the boat winterizing. The fabric of this product seals every system with its […]


Over the years, we have seen that some owners assume the entire maintenance of their boat. There still are many who ask for an expert to handle those kinds of details. Did you know our team includes experienced professionals for all the aspects of boat maintenance? They provide the necessary repairs or adjustments, ensuring the optimal functioning of the many components of your boat. All specialized in boat mechanical, you can trust them for every concern. The aesthetic aspects of your boat should matter as much as the mechanical aspects. Indeed, some aesthetic components play a major role in the […]


Because navigation includes its share of unforeseen events, no owner (even the most experienced owner) is completely protected from some unfortunate eventualities. At Marina Berges, not only we have the most suitable repair solutions, but we also have the essential parts for the applicable techniques. Our experience and our great knowledge of the mechanical features of watercraft is what distinguishes us from the neighbouring marinas.Indeed, the engine mechanic has no more secrets for us. We provide the same care to your boats that we do with ours.That being said, we also want to make our customers aware of the importance […]